One Soul - One Story - One World

A Video Blog and Book Project to inspire and create a global ripple effect in transformation.

Please meet your leadership team of One Soul - One Story - One World in this video :-)


It is the first video we have recorded, because of a submission to the


It reflects our global connection and soulfriendship, brought together through a coaching training program in the USA October 2011. While we did this recording the idea was born to continue video blogs and sharing on a regular basis.


"As I see it, we’re all specific colours on that rainbow, each a unique expression of that One Light. When we come together and connect, our lights shine stronger. As we allow each other to shine our lights, we allow ourselves to shine our light. And bringing that back in our day to day lives, allows others to shine their lights brighter too. Sharing our stories shows me how our lives seem so different on the outside, but are so similar from within. The more we share, the more I see we are all ONE." - Ingrid



Frauke Hamann

Shadow Master Coach



Lara Homans

Transformational Story Coach



Ingrid Jager-Verhagen

Core Alignment Coach
Singapore & Netherlands


Erin Jensen






Judy Birman



Savannah Steinberg

South Africa


Our individual video submissions to sharing our story of transformation. As soon as the videos are released on, please vote for your favorites.

A very special Soul Sister Connection in Israel in November 2015